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Orange Farm Equipments is a high-performance power reaper manufacturer and supplier with ISO certification (9001:2008). We are the inventors of the Vardhaman Power Reaper, a unique and high-quality reaper appropriate for cutting all sorts of Indian farming crops. We supply high-quality agricultural equipment that improves the productivity, safety, and profitability of farming operations. We strive to continually deliver innovative agricultural equipment of a world-class standard at an accessible price, with after-sales service and supply reliability. Since 1985, we have been collaborating with farmers to make farming or agriculture more sustainable and productive. We have produced ultramodern equipment that is constantly redesigned in response to changing farming practices throughout time. As a result, we have established ourselves as a dependable brand in the agro-industry, known for fulfilling every demand and giving exceptional solutions to the farmers.



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Recently Viewed Products

Vardhman Power Reaper
130000.00 - 135000.00 INR/Unit
1 Unit/Units
Maize Reaper
1,10,000 INR
1 Piece/Pieces
Crop Reaper
130000.00 - 135000.00 INR/Unit
1 Unit/Units
Corn Reaper
135000.00 - 140000.00 INR/Unit
1 Unit/Units
Soyabean Power Reaper
130000.00 - 135000.00 INR/Unit
1 Unit/Units
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